Day In the Life

Welcome to a day in the life- where we speak to Mary about her day at Cedar Lodge.

My day starts with a cup of tea in bed at around 5:30. I press my buzzer and the staff come and help me sit up and just get into a different position so that I am comfortable. I used to be a farmers wife so I was used to waking early, the staff understand this and always bring me my cuppa.

Because I’ve had a stroke I like to have a dose and my breakfast in bed at about 8 o’clock. Shortly after breakfast the carers help me into my special shower chair and take me into my en-suite wet room where they help me have a shower. I like a shower everyday and the staff are very obliging. I do need a lot of help but the staff never seem to mind and always have a bit of a laugh and joke which makes a difficult situation easier. I have a self propelling electric wheel chair so once I’m dressed I can go wherever I want in the home.

I have a lifestyle support plan which was discussed and agreed with my lifestyle supporter we arranged for me to be kept busy during the mornings, before lunch. In the afternoon I prefer to be in my room and thats when relatives and friends can come to visit.

There is plenty of space in my room and when I do have visitors staff kindly bring tea and coffee and theres always  a piece of cake or homemade biscuit. I always have plenty to do  to occupy me during the mornings I choose to spend one morning a week having a pamper session which means I get my nails done and sometimes even a hand massage. Another morning every week I have a visit from the lay preacher I used to know from when I was able to go to chapel. I feel very safe in the home so I don’t tend to go out very much. If I do want to go out for something special the staff arrange for a wheelchair friendly taxi and I use that. I have to have soft food because my swallowing was affected when I had my stroke, the kitchen always do their best to ensure I have the same as everyone else except in a way that I can manage. I have special crockery and cutlery. The Nurses give me my medicine in a liquid form because I can’t manage taking tablets.

After tea I usually go to my room and the staff help me into bed around 7:30 again old habits die hard; early to bed early to rise.