Welcome to mariposa

We understand that placing your loved ones into the care of others can be a daunting and overwhelming decision to take. We know that there are many elements of that decision that will worry you, and you’ll want to know that you are making the right choice for your whole family. We will do everything we can to help you through that transition and into the future.

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  • It’s central to our philosophy that we strive to value and enrich the lives of all our residents. We offer companionship, security and first class care with support from a suitably trained team of staff.

  • Choosing a care home for a loved one can be daunting. We want to make sure that you have all the information you need and that the advice you receive is impartial, helpful and accurate.  Contact Us if you need to ask any questions and read our useful Frequently Asked Questions to get you started.

  • My day starts with a cup of tea in bed at around 5:30. I press my buzzer and the staff come and help me sit up and just get into a different position so that I am comfortable. I used to be a farmers wife so I was used to waking early, the staff understand this and always bring me my cuppa.

  • After my first week in respite care, I applied to be a permanent resident as I realised that home attendance couldn’t match the services provided by the home. Of course, I had my concerns and worries about leaving my home but I quickly realised that it was the right decision for me.

  • If you would like us to send a brochure to you, please fill out our form and we will put a copy in the post to you.